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Media   Sep 26, 2015 by David Muya

Submitter Name: David muya

Project Name: M4YR


Aim of benchmarking exercise? What do you hope to gain and learn from your benchmarking activities?

Benchmarking will help me understand my starting point, where I stand before I launch so that I have a basis for comparison. It will help me understand what's successful about my program that I should keep doing and where I might be running into some problems and need to improve. We hope to be the best in dealing with media and youth resilience, but to be the best we want to know where we stand and what others in youth media might be doing.
Benchmarks are an objective starting point so that all my team members will view the KPIs through the same lens



Who will you include in your benchmarking exercise? Team members, stakeholders, members of the public?

The closest team member and stakeholders, especially those with greater influence to the program.
Being social project I believe many will be willing to take part in giving the appropriate information. The youth media experts will be handy in providing their expertise on what is expected as KPI. The community/public members will give their expectation that will be used as a guide to implementing the project.


What information do you plan to gather through your benchmarking exercise? What questions will you ask?

Having grouped my respondents, I hope to inquire on the expectations and the best practices in dealing with youth media.
What is the appropriate content to be taught to the youth?
How do we expect to prove that our programs are having impact as planned?
What should we start with in order to get everybody (stakeholders) on board?
What were the challenges met while dealing with similar program in the past (if there is any)
How were challenges addressed?
What were the learning points in the previous similar efforts? What worked well, what needed improvement?
What is the skills level of the young people we are going to engage in the project?


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